About Us

We are a Team of server administrators with an affinity with the world of cryptocurrency. We are dedicated to running secure and reliable staking validator nodes for an ever-growing list of cryptocurrency tokens. We are very active in various social media platforms and offer support around the clock.

Why pick us?

Security first always

We are always looking for ways to improve and enhance our security. Our clients trust us with their cryptocurrency and therefore it is our job to make sure it is secured.

Top of the line servers

Our bare metal servers are no joke. We run the latest available hardware and operating systems to ensure we keep up with the fast pace of technology growth.

Online and active always

Our customers expect our services to always be available. Therefore, we have gone through great lengths in building redundancy to our servers in order to ensure our servers are always online and active.

Why pick us?

Always expanding

As more cryptocurrencies become available, we will carefully select the most promising networks and work towards adding them as part of the services we provide.

Highly skilled team

Our team craves knowledge. And that's why they are perfect for the job. They are always learning and keeping up with the latest trends in the cryptocurrency space.

Around the clock support

Did we tell you that we never sleep? Because of this, we offer all around the clock support on our website and various social media platforms. You got questions, we hope to have the answers.